Laundromat Gold Coast

Welcome To Dell Laundrette

A coin operated Gold Coast Laundromat with HiSpeed Internet Kiosks operating 24 hours 7 days per week, 365 days of the year, conveniently located in the heart of Southport on the Gold Coast. Our clean and modern facilities will impress and with great parking right outside you can conveniently wash and dry your laundry, from a normal load through to a week’s laundry. Our 23kg washer takes just 24 minutes and can wash the largest doonas or a week’s laundry in one wash, a 200g spin-out cuts drying time by up to 30%. You will be home in an hour!

While you wait for your washing and drying to complete, you can surf the net to take care of business or catch up on emails using our HiSpeed Internet.

We Have A Range Of Snacks And
Drinks To Keep You Entertained

Dell Laundrette Vending Machine

Benefits You Get

  • Clean, Fresh and Modern facilities
  • Open 24 hours 7 days per week, 365 days of the year
  • HiSpeed Internet with printing/scanning and USB connection available
  • $1 coin change machine changes up to $20 notes
  • Machines take $1 and $2 coins
  • Soap and Softener available
  • 8 washers with:- 4 x 9kg 2 x 14 kg 1 x 18kg and 1 massive 23kg washer that spins out at 200g force
  • Hot Washes Included no extra charge!
  • 8 powerful 13.6kg Natural Gas Dryers
  • Easy parking right outside
  • Security cameras and regular security checks
  • Located opposite the Railway Hotel (previously Dell Plaza Hotel)

Are You Time Poor?

At Dell Laundrette we value your time, we understand the pressures of everyday living leaving you less and less time to do important chores like doing your laundry.

We developed a plan, a plan to make laundering your families washing as fast and efficient as possible:

  • We installed the best possible laundry machinery (American made Dexter)
  • We installed a variety of different size machines to match the quantity of laundry you require.
  • We switched to front loaders which reduces fabric tear caused by agitation, this saves your clothes and shopping time as well.
  • We installed a 22.7 kg Mega Load machine which has an exceptional 200g force spin out to reduce drying time for larger loads.
  • Our Mega Load machine also has an oversize door to make loading and unloading as fast and efficient as possible.
  • We set a wash time 24 minute for all our machines considerably faster than home machines while doing a better job.
  • Our Dryers have been replaced with the latest and most efficient of their size used in Laundromats worldwide.
  • We chose Natural Gas, the most efficient and environmentally heating method.
  • We clean the Lint filters on our Dryers at least once per day maintaining good air flow.
  • Our hot temperature is set at 88 degrees Celsius the highest possible temperature setting.

As you can see we have invested heavily in getting the best possible job done in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Choose our Laundromat over spending hours feeding poor quality home machines and wasting time hanging it out to dry or megadollars on inefficient electric dryers.
Come on down today and do you’re whole weeks washing in less than one hour!